Warehouses are the top-level data storage resource comprised of a set of databases and tables.

A warehouse is associated with a single S3 bucket which provides the storage location for all of its tables.

Create a Warehouse

To create a warehouse, navigate to Data and select the Create New Warehouse button.


Creating a warehouse enables you to keep all of your data in the open Apache Iceberg table format stored in a location in your AWS account.

This option requires the ability to create and modify AWS resources.

Provide a name for the new warehouse and either select an S3 bucket which has previously been configured or select + Add New Bucket.


Name your new warehouse and provide a bucket path

Selecting + Add New Bucket will provide the options to configure your S3 bucket manually or launch our cloud formation template.


Add S3 bucket


Using our cloud formation template

If your region is not currently available, please let us know by visiting our Tabular Slack Community.

To learn more about how to properly configure your AWS S3 bucket, see Configuring S3.

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