All tables that are created in a Tabular warehouse are Apache Iceberg tables using the v2 table format.

By default, they are stored at s3://<warehouse-bucket>/<warehouse-id>/<table-id>.

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Table Properties

In addition to the standard Apache Iceberg table properties, Tabular supports additional properties to enable and configure Tabular’s automated services.

Snapshot management properties

history.expire.max-snapshot-age-ms432000000 (5 days)Default max age of snapshots to keep while expiring snapshots
history.expire.min-snapshots-to-keep1Default min number of snapshots to keep while expiring snapshots
history.expire.max-ref-age-msLong.MAX_VALUE (forever)For snapshot references except the main branch, default max age of snapshot references to keep while expiring snapshots. The main branch never expires.

Data lifecycle properties

Delete rows or mask columns from a table once it passes a specified age threshold. Age is based on a user-specified timestamp column.

lifecycle.enabledWhether data lifecycle functionality is enabled or not (default false) Data will be deleted or masked from table based on values in this column. Must be a TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMPTZ, DATE or LONG If data-age-column is a numerical type, what unit is it stored in. Options: [s, ms, or us]
lifecycle.table.max-data-age-msRow-level TTL: Data must be at least this old to be deleted
lifecycle.column.<col_name>.max-data-age-msColumn-level masking: Age at which column masking will apply
lifecycle.column.<col_name>.transformColumn-level masking: Transform function to apply to the column. Currently only supports nullify

Compaction properties

compaction.enabledtrueWhether compaction is enabled on this table or not
compaction.strategybinpackStrategies: binpack and sort (requires a sort_order)
compaction.options.partial-progress.enabledfalseEnable committing groups of files (see max-file-group-size-bytes) prior to the entire rewrite completing
compaction.options.partial-progress.max-commits10If partial progress is enabled, the max number of commits per compaction
compaction.options.min-file-size-bytes75% of target file sizeFiles under this threshold will be considered for rewriting
compaction.options.max-file-group-size-bytes100 GBMax size of a commit group
compaction.options.max-concurrent-file-group-rewrites1Number of concurrent groups to rewrite in parallel
compaction.options.rewrite-job-orderNONEbytes-asc, bytes-desc, files-asc, files-desc
compaction.options.delete-file-threshold3If a data file has this number of deletes or more, it will be rewritten regardless of its file size

Rewrite manifests properties

manifest-rewrite.enabledtrueWhether rewriting of manifests is enabled on this table or not
manifest-rewrite.wait-time-min60Minimum number of minutes to wait before triggering another manifest rewrite run

Optimizer properties

optimizer.enabledtrueWhether recommended optimizations are automatically applied to this table or not
write.parquet.compression-codeczstdTarget compression codec to be used when writing files for this table
write.object-storage.enabledtrueThe file paths for this table will be prepended with a hash component optimized for object storage

File Loader properties

Autoload files dropped into a given path

See File Loader Configuration Reference

Commit properties

commit.allow-replace-rollback.enabledfalseWhether to allow commits to rollback a previous replace during contention resolution