Reviewing Table Activity

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When you first create or load a table, it’s helpful to get at-a-glance updates on details such as:

  • Snapshot creation
  • CDC activity (or failure) within a given time period
  • Whether an update you’ve made to the table is in the activity log.

These details display under the Table Activity tab. The Table Activity tab provides a window into the current operations of the table. Under this tab you can answer questions such as:

  • Is the table even loading, or loading too slowly?
  • Is compaction running?
  • Which particular events are failing?
  • Does the size of the data look right?
  • And so on

A Summary column displays details corresponding to each individual event, such as:

  • whether a job succeeded
  • how many files and how much data was loaded
  • how many records were added
  • And so on.

For details about a specific event, to the right of the event, in the Event Time column, click the down arrow. That displays event details such as file names, number of manifests added or rewritten, and so on. In this way you can view CDC types and source tables; see deleted rows based on column (for example, in the case of data lifecycle, see what events are older than a given date), and so on.

Searching for a specific activity

Large active tables could see hundreds or thousands of events, making it awkward and time-consuming to find a specific event. Use the search bar to quickly filter down to a precise type of activity, including:

  • Event type (file load, CDC, orphan file cleanup, and so on)
  • Time of last event
  • Snapshot
  • Manifest rewrites
  • Table update
  • And more

Scroll down to see a list of all event types available from the Table Activity tab.

To filter for a specific type of activity:

  1. In the Table Activity search bar, enter the event you want or select from the list that displays when you start typing.
  2. To view more event types you can enter multiple terms in the search bar, such as data_capture, snapshot.
    • Separate multiple words with an underscore.

The table below the search bar displays only results that match that activity.

Note     The system displays up to 10,000 events.

Reference – Table Event Activity

Below is the complete list of table events you can view in the Table Activity tab; you can also view this list simply by typing event_type into the search bar:

  • FailedChangeDataCapture
  • RunChangeDataCapture
  • StartedChangeDataCapture
  • SucceededChangeDataCapture
  • FailedFileLoad
  • RunFileLoad
  • StartedFileLoad
  • SucceededFileLoad
  • CancelledCompaction
  • FailedCompaction
  • RunCompaction
  • StartedCompaction
  • SucceededCompaction
  • FailedExpireSnapshots
  • RunExpireSnapshots
  • StartedExpireSnapshots
  • SucceededExpireSnapshots
  • FailedDataLifecycle
  • RunDataLifecycle
  • StartedDataLifecycle
  • SucceededDataLifecycle
  • FailedFilesCleanup
  • RunFilesCleanup
  • StartedFilesCleanup
  • SucceededFilesCleanup
  • FailedRewriteManifests
  • RunRewriteManifests
  • StartedRewriteManifests
  • SucceededRewriteManifests