Previewing Data

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About data preview in Tabular

Tabular data preview enables you to load a finite set of preview rows and browse the schema for any table in your warehouse. Use data preview to understand all aspects of the data you’re loading, including schema, structure, and type, so you can verify you’re working with the data you think you’re working with, or keep from “flying blind” when loading a table.

Using data preview, you can:

  1. Verify a table is loading.
  2. Understand the table schema and existing data parameters (field formats, paths, special characters, and so on) to help structure subsequent incoming data or create and populate a new empty table.
  3. Determine schema complexity to better envision and work with the data – that is, identify and locate maps, lists, and structs; see if there are nested schemas; and so on.
  4. Inspect the output of a query before it completes​.

Using data preview

By default, data preview is off, so you must first enable it.

You can only enable it organization-wide.

To enable data preview:

  1. Navigate to Organization > Settings.
  2. Towards the bottom, click the Data Preview slider to on.

Enabling data preview


To preview table data

  1. Navigate to the overview page of the table you wish to examine. From this page you can:
    • View all table metadata
    • See which columns are partitioned and/or ordered, and by what values, and whether they’re key values
  2. Click Data Preview. The full table schema displays, and up to 100 rows. From here you can:
    • Sort any column by clicking the column header
    • Filter data further by searching for specific values
    • Drill down to see maps, lists, structs, and so on. These display as links in the table; hover over or click them for details. For example, in the data preview image below, one of the columns is a nested struct:

Viewing data details