Members are users who have been given the ability to authenticate to your organization.

By default, all members are part of the EVERYONE role and inherit all privileges assigned to that role.

On this page:

Inviting a Member

There are two ways to invite members to your organization. From your Profile Dropdown, select the add members icon in your highlighted current organization list.


Invite members to organization

Or, navigate to the Organization > Members and select the Invite Members button.


Invite a member via members tab

Enter the email address of the member you would like to invite to the organization.


Add an email address

To add more than one member, select Add Another Team Member.


Invite multiple members

Once you’ve entered all members you would like to invite, select the Invite button. Each member will receive an email containing an invitation to join the organization.

Removing a Member

To remove a member from your organization, navigate to Organization > Members and select the Remove from organization button.


Remove a member

In the confirmation box, select the Remove button.


Ensure you are removing the correct member