Billable Usage Statistics

Note    Only Security Admins and Org Admins may access this information

Information displayed under the Usage Stats tab (Organization > Usage Stats) helps you monitor usage in your warehouses for all billable Tabular services. This ultimately could lead to spending decisions regarding usage of data in your Tabular Iceberg tables.

That said, the Usage Stats tab is not a billing function, nor is it used as the basis of an invoice. It is purely a window into your organization’s recent usage of Tabular services.

Security Admins can access this data by navigating to Organization > Usage Stats. From this tab you can:

  • Examine data usage for all warehouses in your organization combined, or for individual warehouses.
  • Understand data usage per individual Tabular service (such as File Loader or a CDC pipeline)
  • Identify usage trends by examining data usage per day over the prior 7, 30, or 90 days.

Important    Tabular measures data usage using the binary system; it reports Gibibytes – not Gigabytes. There is a small but still notable delta between them; a GiB is slightly greater than a GB and is a more accurate measure of data (and, as a result, of Tabular service usage). For more details on the distinction, we suggest you consult this Wikipedia article.


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